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These unusual times have hurt businesses hard, especially restaurants. As local residents, we have reconfigured a business that we intended to launch this spring to help local restaurants. We want to help local businesses get into the online food pickup and delivery business. Our software is easy to use and it will instantly provide a whole new business opportunity. You can use it for pickup or delivery. The web site works just like all other food delivery apps but at less cost. Don’t worry, there are no start-up fees or sign up fees.  We provide everything you need to get started. This is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to order food online.

Anyone in NSB can use this online system to:

  • Order food
  • Make Payment
  • Fulfill order quickly and accurately
  • Receive notification when their order is ready for pickup

We collaborate with an internationally recognized social media firm to market local restaurants to the New Smyrna Beach community. With the social media marketing that we (and you) can do, we can get you visibility, gain new sales, and help your business now when you need it most. We can even provide you with a basic website if you need one. 

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures orders are placed efficiently and easily. Our dispatch team sends an email and then confirms orders with a phone call.


    By submitting this form you agree to the terms as stated herein. Terms are subject to change with advance notice, except all terms remain in place until all submitted orders are completed and paid for. Terms and Conditions


    Restaurant requirements & Information

    Sign up fee Free…. now through August 1, 2021
    Equipment needed None other than access to email and a phone

    Software needed

    None, a website is helpful but not necessary

    Cost to restaurant

    Between 5%-15% cost of each order, terms & conditions

    Payment to Restaurant

    Electronic payment weekly

    Reporting to Restaurant

    Delivered via email weekly

    Sales tax

    Collected and remitted by Eatz

    Credit card processing fee

    Approx. 3%

    Delivery Service

    To the Beach!