Register Your Restaurant with Eatz NSB

Why work with Eatz NSB? 

  • We are Unique
  • We are Earth-friendly
  • We are the most convenient way to order
  • We deliver food directly to your customers’ doorsteps safely
  • We are locally owned

Our beloved New Smyrna Beach community use our magical app:

  • To order food
  • To make a payment
  • To follow our drivers as they fulfill the order.
We collaborate with an internationally recognized social media firm to market local restaurants to beach patrons.

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures orders are delivered efficiently. Our dispatch team sends an email and then confirms orders with a phone call. Each step is communicated directly to the consumer.  We even have refuse containers on the bikes to ensure we keep our community clean!


    By submitting this form you agree to the terms as stated herein. Terms are subject to change with advance notice, except all terms remain in place until all submitted orders are completed and paid for. Terms and Conditions


    Restaurant requirements/information

    Sign up fee Free…. now through May 1, 2020
    Equipment needed None other than access to email and a phone

    Software needed

    None, a website is helpful but not necessary

    Cost to restaurant

    15% of each order, nothing else

    Payment to Restaurant

    Electronic payment weekly

    Reporting to Restaurant

    Delivered via email weekly

    Sales tax

    Paid by Eatz NSB

    Delivery area

    All of New Smyrna Beach